Monday, 23 March 2015

Planting Beans and Spinach

Before we planted our seeds we investigated a seed by cutting it open to see what we could find out. We found that a seed has a seed coat which is very hard as we had difficulty cutting open the seed. The seed coat helps protect the tiny embryo (plant) that is inside. We could see the tiny embryo which was a dark colour. Inside the seed was white and we found out that this is the food store which is used when the seed is planted and begins to grow.

We then made our own plastic bottle planter and planted a bean seed and some spinach seeds.

We learnt a new word germination, which means "to begin to grow." For germination to happen there needs to be three things: water, oxygen and the right temperature. We have watered our seeds, put them outside everyday in the sun and germination has taken place! Our bean plants and spinach plants are ready to be transferred into a larger area so they can grow bigger.

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