Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Yum Pumpkin Soup

As part of our Inquiry topic Plant to Plate we made homemade Pumpkin Soup with Mrs Fowler today.

First a very large pumpkin was put in the microwave for 15 minutes to soften up so it could be cut easily.
Then chopped onions and garlic were added to olive oil in a pot to cook. Mrs Fowler taught us that this is called 'sweating off' the onions!
Cut potatoes were then added to the pot and cooked for about 5 minutes.
In another pot two beef stock cubes were added to hot water.
Once the pumpkin was cool enough to hold it was chopped up into pieces and put in with the onions, garlic and potatoes. The the hot stock water was then added and the soup was boiled until the pumpkin was soft.

Mrs Fowler gently took the soup off the stove the mixture was pureed with a hand blender.
Some students thought they didn't like Pumpkin Soup until they tried it and loved it!

Thanks Mrs Fowler for a fantastic day.


  1. I know where to come for my lunch this winter! Mrs Steel

  2. I like pumpkin soup its yummy